Transportation of Learners for Various Routes in Cape Winelands District

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Tender Closed on: 2020-12-18 11:00:00

Bus and Minibus Transport, Transportation

Cape Town, Western Cape

Western Cape - Department of Education

TRANSPORTATION OF LEARNERS FOR VARIOUS ROUTES IN CAPE WINELANDS DISTRICT: BWCED 2882/20 T232; BWCED 2883/20 T722; BWCED 2884/20 T500; BWCED 2885/20 T501; BWCED 2886/20 T516; BWCED 2887/20 T573; BWCED 2888/20 T576; BWCED 2889/20 T587; BWCED 2890/20 T607; BWCED 2891/20 T619; BWCED 2892/20 T627; BWCED 2893/20 T628; BWCED 2894/20 T637; BWCED 2895/20 T644; BWCED 2896/20 T646; BWCED 2897/20 T649; BWCED 2898/20 T659

Bids obtainable from: Website:, Notes: Bid documents are downloadable from the eTender portal: za. No documents will be issued by the WCED.

Post or Deliver Bids to: Ground Floor, Grand Central Towers, Lower Plein Street, Cape Town. Bid documents must be deposited in the bid box

For technical information please contact: Mr Anele Mengezeleli. Tel: 021 467 2178. Fax: (021) 467 2996 Email: [email protected] Hours: Monday - Friday, 09h00 - 12h00.

For completion of bid documents please contact: Mr Anele Mengezeleli, Tel: 021 467 2178, Fax: (021) 467 2996, Email: [email protected], Hours: Monday - Friday, 09h00 - 12h00.Please note that in line with the Western Cape Provincial Treasury Instructions, the Western Cape Government will only conduct business with prospective suppliers who are actively registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD)..

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